Antec Micro Fusion 350

Have you ever thought about creating your own home theatre? With your own home theatre PC you can play movies, music, and watch or record television. As a result, you save a load of space as all

GMC Noblesse AVC-M1

Only in the past few years have PC enthusiasts been building their own Home Theater PCs. During the beginning of this trend, their were not many cases made specifically for HTPCs. Recently there has been many more

GMC X-7 System Case

GMC is a Korean company who are dedicated almost entirely on production of cases. We have reviewed a number of GMC cases here at Tech Lobby and this review will now add another one onto that list.

GMC R-3 Corona System Case

The R-3 Corona is the latest offering from GMC’s mid-tower series. With the R-3 Corona comes the very innovative optical drive (ODD) which is mounted vertically on the case. But how do these aesthetic changes affect the

Antec Twelve Hundred

We’ve just released our very first video review in high definition (720p) of the Antec 1200 ATX Gaming case. Much like the 900, the 1200 sports the same sleek black finish and industrial look of the 900

GMC K1 Muse Case

Previously, we’ve taken a look at some rather unconventional cases from Korean case manufacturer GMC. The other cases from GMC that we have reviewed, received very good scores and they were of a very good quality. Today,

Antec Nine Hundred

Today we will be looking at the Antec Nine Hundred, a case that, from looks alone, you can tell is geared towards gamers. With an already established name, Antec look to up-the-ante with their latest offerings.

GMC X-22 System Case

This is the second case we’re looking at from GMC and this time it’s more conventional than the previously review ‘Toast’. GMC specialize in computer chassis, mainly HTPC cases. From what we’ve seen so far, GMC put

ENlight eXtreme Gaming Case

Something we’ve wanted to show you for some time now, the eXtreme case from ENlight, one of our newest sponsors. We’re sure there are many who probably haven’t heard of ENlight Corporation. They were also present at