Tt eSPORTS unveils the Level 10 M Blazing Red Edition Gaming Headset


Tt eSPORTS, the leading expert in professional e-Sports gaming peripherals, will be releasing the third variant in the Level 10 M Headset series with the Level 10 M Headset Blazing Red edition. Designed in collaboration with BMW Designworks USA – the Level 10 M Headset is a meticulous blend of form and function. While maintaining the tradition of iconic design found in the products before it, namely the Level 10 Chasis and Level 10 M Mouse, elements of open spaced architecture and geometric modularity are employed throughout the Level 10 M Headset.

The Level 10 M Headset was made to meet the stringent demands gamers’ have in a headset, without looking out of place for everyday use. The headset comes with a set of PC gaming cables as well as mobile headset cable. Joining the already available Level 10 M Headset in Diamond Black and Iron White, the Level 10 M Headset Blazing Red will further allow consumers to enjoy the experience offered by a Level 10 product.

Level 10 M Ergonomics, Sound, & Features:
The Level 10 M Headset was designed to meet the rigorous demands of gamers. From the ergonomics to the sound and the features, the headset was designed to take no compromises in any of those areas.

Fit – The headset rests firmly but comfortably on the head. The headband was designed to have just the right pressure for a secure hold, but does not push down too hard~ as this would cause discomfort when worn for extended periods of time. The adjustable headband also locks to hold the position and size.

Sound – The Level 10 M Headset has a finely tuned sound signature, balanced across the spectrum and capable of relaying the subtle sound cues and delicate spatial-positioning needed for an eSports headset. The noise canceling microphone removes ambient noise and allows crystal clear communication. Players can play their best, not missing a beat of the game with the Level 10 M Headset.


  • Aluminum Base – Aluminum is often found in use in the aerospace industry and architectural purposes. Its durability, light weight, and heat dissipating properties make it the ideal material for the Level 10 M Headset.
  • Mic-Axis Design – The noise-canceling microphone visually blends in perfectly with the left earcup when not in use. It can be lowered vertically, then adjusted horizontally to pickup the user’s voice.
  • Bilateral USB Connectivity – The headphone cable connects via a USB type connector and can be attached either at the left or right earcup. Gamers have diverse setups, their headset to reflect that aspect too. An additional mobile cable is provided for mobile headset use.

The Level 10 M Headset in Blazing Red MSRP is USD $99.99, and will be available worldwide starting April.

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