Corsair intros Dual-Sided and Single-Sided Mousepads

Corsair MM600 Mouse Mat

Mouse pads usually have a soft or fine side, meant to face up and let mice glide, and a textured underside, meant to keep the pad in place on a desk via friction. Corsair’s two new creations are unusual though.

The MM600 dual-sided pad measures 352 x 272 mm / 13.58 x 10.70 inches, and has a thickness of 5 mm / 0.19 inches. Mostly because of the metal reinforcement, which also leads to a weight of 590 g / 1.3 pounds.

Fortunately, rubberized edges prevent any fabric tearing due to the metal plates.

The MM400 has a single, low-friction surface and measures the same as the other one, but without the metal it weighs 260 g / 0.57 pounds.

That leaves the MM200, which are 2mm-thick (0.07 inches) and come in the same size as the other two, as well as XL (352 x 272 mm / 17.71 x 14.76 inches), Wide (430 x 280 mm / 16.92 x 11.02 inches) and Compact versions (265 x 210 mm / 10.43 x 8.26 inches).

Source: Softpedia

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