Creative unveils new Aurvana lineup, a trio of audiophile-grade headphones for Europe

Creative Aurvana

We like strapping things to our heads that replace the bad sounds with good ones, so we’re very excited about Creative’s new headsets. The company is launching a pair of audiophile-quality cans, as well as one for the audiophile on a limited budget. First up, there’s the Aurvana Platinum and Gold, which come with active noise cancellation, NFC and HD Voice. Then there’s the ShareMe technology, which lets two users wirelessly listen to one audio source, which’d be ideal for watching a movie on a long train journey. The Platinum will retail for £250 and the Gold for £180, while the more modest Live! 2 — which packs leatherette ear pads and 40mm Neodymium drivers — will set you back £110, with all three launching in October.

Source: Engadget

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