Major Nelson posts Xbox One unboxing video

Microsoft unXboxed the Xbox One in a new video this morning, showcasing everything that’s bundled in the console’s Day One Edition, which we now know includes the Xbox One Chat headset. The company previously said the Xbox One would not include a pack-in headset, but in today’s video Microsoft’s Major Nelson said both the Day One and Standard Editions do come with the accessory.

Specific to the Day One bundle are a commemorative controller with a chrome D-pad in lieu of the Standard Edition’s regular controller, special packaging, and a code for a Day One achievement, should you want to get cracking ASAP on the new Gs. The Standard and Day One bundles, which share a price of $500, both include the new Kinect, HDMI cable, power supply, and Quick Start guide – oh, and the console … nearly forgot that One.

Microsoft has yet to pin a date on the Xbox One, but we know it’s due in November. Its rival in the shiny new console race, the PS4, has an even wider window of “this holiday.”

Source: Joystiq

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