Lenovo reveals 27-inch touchscreen AIO-tablet Windows 8 PC

You may have read the word “Tablet” in the title of this post, but this unit from Lenovo is actually called a “Table” because of its massiveness. This is the Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC, a machine that “can lie flat on any surface” with its 27-inch display for use by two or more people at once – perfect for multi-player games. This machine also works as a desktop machine, but because of the unique nature included in the gaming angle on this beast, Lenovo’s created a new word for the cross-over between physical and digital interaction: “phygital”.

The IdeaCentre Horizon works with Windows 8 and makes with the direct connections to games customized for unique play on this unit alone, including selections from the likes of Electronic Arts and Unbisoft. Not only will you be using the touchscreen display to work with the games included here, you’ve got a collection of special accessories to make use of as well. This machine comes with e-dice, four joysticks and strikers to make this a fully-immersive experience.

The software experience on this Table PC includes the Lenovo App Shop powered by Intel AppUp for multi-user excellence across thousands of downloadable games. You’ve also got exclusive access to a package of pre-loaded gaming experiences like Monopoly – and joystick-friendly games such as FishingJoy and Raiding Company. This machine is also being pushed forth with BlueStacks integration so you can work with Android apps, too!

“It’s exciting to see Lenovo continue to drive innovation and creativity in its new hardware designs. With the 27-inch display, touch UI and built-in battery, the Horizon Table PC enables a range of computing scenarios for Windows users, from PC productivity to social connectivity and family game play.” – Stephen McCall, senior director, OEM, marketing, Microsoft Corp.

This beast works with more than one mode, too, with its own “smart hinge system” turning it into a Lenovo “Aura”-toting machine, Aura being Lenovo’s own unique user interface over Windows 8, “[serving] as a great way to launch pre-loaded gaming and educational apps or download new ones from the online app store.” As Lenovo also notes: “This simple UI lets families play, learn or enjoy multimedia content together on one screen.”

Inside the Horizon you’ve got NVIDIA GeForce graphics, a 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 processor as well as Dolby Home Theatre v4 audio. Horizon is able to work with the optional “Horizon Multimode Table”, allowing the machine to change the height and angle of the Table PC, from flat to 90 degrees. The IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC will be popping up in early summer starting at $1,699 USD.

Source: SlashGear

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