Samsung announces square and transparent LED displays

Mad Men marathons aside, it’s rare that we dream of a career in advertising, but Samsung’s latest pair of commercial displays have turned our head. The Korean giant has developed a 21.6-inch, 1:1 ratio (“square” to us normals) display with a 5.5mm bezel that can be used to develop video walls, installations or 3D sculptures. It’s reportedly far more environmentally friendly than whacking a TV on your showroom wall, drawing 30 percent less power and auto-adjusting its own brightness depending on the ambient light.

It’s also unveiling the NL22B, a transparent LCD screen / case that builds on the see-through tech we saw at CES. The interactive display is designed to let you see facts and figures while keeping one eye on the merchandise at all times. It’s imagined to be used in high-class jewelers, using interactivity to tease us toward buying that $4,000 watch. Both are being shown at IFA this week, but don’t expect to see them available to buy — so stash those dreams of covering every wall in house with these things, at least until you own your own advertising firm.


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