HTC Endeavour C2 leak spills the specs on the One X successor

These aren’t the first rumours we’ve heard about HTC’s follow-up to the One X (above), but they are the most extensive. Our trusty mole at the Taiwanese phone maker has dropped a load of specs our way, including the One X II’s codename – HTC Endeavour C2.

Alongside that encouraging codename, our source details a 1.7GHz quad-core processor beating in the Endeavour C2’s chest, plus an improved battery, a new colour (we’re not sure which) and bundled UrBeats earphones.

We’re told the HTC Endeavour C2 is compatible with the One X’s accessories, suggesting its design blueprint hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

On the software side HTC is adding ClearVoice to improve call quality and the Endeavour C2 will be the company’s first phone to run HTC Watch 2, the latest version of its video-on-demand offering.

Finally, we have some vague price and release date details, with UK network deals offering the phone for around £5 more a month than the One X and the HTC Endeavour C2 expected to hit shelves on or before October 1st.

Source: Stuff

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