ELSA Launches the Silent GeForce GTX 670 SAC Video Card

Well-known Nvidia video card manufacturing partner, Japanese company ELSA, also known for its professional Quadro cards, has just announced a new GTX 670 video card, on its official website. The device is called ELSA GeForce GTX 670 SAC and has a double-slot cooling system.

ELSA’s new card touts very silent operation, as SAC is, in fact, short for “silent air cooling.”

We are used to practically identifying silent cards with fanless designs, but ELSA’s cooling system has two fans with an odd 75-millimeter diameter, that are claimed to produce very little noise.

The company touts operating temperatures that are 12 degrees Celsius below what the reference design can manage.

The GPU and memory frequencies stick to Nvidia’s reference specifications, but considering the improved cooling, there might be some room for overclocking if the audio comfort is not disturbed.

There is no information available on pricing yet, but the card will be in stores on August 11th.

Source: Softpedia


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