Thermaltake cures clamminess with $80 Cyclone Edition gaming mouse

Just when we needed a modern-day equivalent of sailing down the Nile while being fanned by Assyrian slaves, Thermaltake gives us this: the Black Element Cyclone Edition gaming mouse, which has a 6,000 rpm rotor directed right at the point where slick skin meets plastic. Pictures of the device have been floating around the web for a while, but we’ve just heard it’ll be available in US stores any day now (or officially, “in August”) priced at $80. The patent pending design promises to keep noise down to a sub-environmental 21.7dB, while delivering an airflow of 2.6 cubic feet per minute — which, if you’re lucky, should be enough to not only keep your digits dry but also reach your palm. The fan can alternatively be removed, in which case you’ll be left with a 6,500 dpi laser sensor, an adjustable weight of up to 22.5 grams, “military-grade” grip coating and an abundance of natural oils.

Source: Engadget

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