Toshiba shows off 14-inch Ultrabook, we go hands-on

It might not be obvious this early on in CES week, so forgive us for dropping a spoiler: you’re going to see lots — and we mean lots — of 14-inch Ultrabooks. Big-screened things, some of them making room for optical drives and discrete graphics — the sorts of systems we’d sooner call thin-and-lights than Ultrabooks. (Potato, potahto, are we right?) It’s clear that overgrown Ultras going to be a thing, regardless of whether you buy into the marketing hype, and as of today you can count Toshiba as a proud member of the welcome wagon. The company is showing off a 14-incher here at CES, and though it’s not ready to confirm specs, pricing or even the model name, we did get to spend a few quality minutes poking around a pre-production unit. So far, we know it will cost “well under” $1,000, and go on sale in the June time frame, just as the back-to-school shopping season kicks off. If you want the short story, you can skip straight to those hands-on shots below and check out our first impressions after the break. more…

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