The Nikon D4: This DSLR camera makes the pros drool

If you’re wondering why there are strange puddles everywhere this morning, it’s because photographers around the world have been drooling over news about the Nikon D4. Yes, you read that right — Nikon has finally officially announced its new flagship pro-level DSLR camera, the long-awaited successor to the D3.

And the new gadget certainly has fantastic-sounding specs.

Inside the D4’s magnesium alloy body, there’s a 16.1MP FX format CMOS sensor, a 91,000 pixel 3D Matrix Metering system, support for an ISO range from 100-12,800 (expandable from 50-204,800), the ability to shoot 10 fps with full AF/AE (or 11 fps with AF locked), a place for CF or XQD memory cards, and everything it needs to spit out full 1080p video.

The camera is everything the D3 was — and then some. It will become available in February and carry a $6,000 pricetag.

Now all those numbers and specs are fine and dandy, but how good is Nikon’s newest darling? Well, let’s consider what the professionals think so far.

On his blog, pro photographer Joe McNally explains that he has been involved in the discussion of the D4 for months — and even had the opportunity to shoot with one of the pre-production models recently. And boy, did he take advantage of the chance to give the camera a test drive! He took it through everything from the swamps of Florida to the studios of New York to the music scene in New Orleans.

And he seems to have loved it every step of the way.

According to McNally’s notes on shooting with the D4, he was particularly (and continously) impressed with the file detail, forgiveness in the shadows, responsiveness, “intuitively good exposure and autofocus,” video quality, clarity of the LCD, and more. (Oh, and he liked the camera’s ability to keep working after being dropped as well. Whoops.)

It’s worth pointing out that McNally promises to share more stills, videos, and behind-the-scenes looks from his early adventures with the D4 — so it might be a good idea to keep your eyes on his site as well.

Source: GADGETBOX @ msnbc

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