LG showcases 2012 HDTV line-up: Big screens, skinny bezels

LG has hit us with its list of HDTVs for 2012, and they’re channeling the design chops of that sumptuous 55-inch OLED HDTV. All of the new models, including the LM9600, LM8500, LM7600 and LM6700 all squeeze the bezel down to 5mm and a chassis pushing just over 4mm thick. The LM9600 and LM8600 arrive with dual-core processors to assist with load speeds and voice recognition through the Korean giant’s Magic Remote. MHL connectivity is in attendance, as is LG’s new dashboard.

Next, the LMG850 and LMG620 are new LED offerings for this year, including a Google TV interface and a new remote that pairs together some magic remote functionality and a QWERTY keyboard. LG are going for 3D big time, with 25 new models of LED HDTVs, forgoing the active shutter route for lighter (battery-free) passive glasses. More the more artistically gifted, LG’s PenTouch plasma TV (PM6900) allows input through the display panel through a new dedicated pen and will be compatible with photo-editing and PowerPoint presentations. more…

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