Intel faked DX11 Ultrabook demo

So much for having confidence in your product. Despite claiming that the demo was live, Bright Side of News has released a video showing that Intel vice president Mooly Eden’s DirectX 11 demo was nothing more than a video.

The controversy arises from a few seconds of footage from Intel’s demo, when Eden uses an Ultrabook to show the graphical capabilities of the device. If you look close enough, you can see that Mooly is just playing an FLV file. So much for gaming capabilities.

Of course, you can’t bash Intel too hard. The Ultrabooks and the Sandy Bridge chips inside aren’t completely ready for market yet, so perhaps this is just making up for a technical glitch that can be worked out later. On the other hand, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, either.

Intel might have been better off if they had promised some of the graphical capabilities that aren’t quite ready yet, and spent more time demoing the features that actually do work. As it is, all we got was a brilliant acting performance from Eden. Just look at how into the race he is!

Source: Neowin

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