2.4GHz Wireless Camera Kit has kindly sent us a product for review. Pakatak are specialised in security and surveillance products. We’re taking a look at the 2.4GHz Wireless Camera Kit. Looking at the box we immediately knew this was another Chinese product with lackluster package presentation. The box shows images of families enjoying special moments, hardly something you’d want to record with a pinhole security camera. Getting past the box, the package is very decent and consists of the following:

2.4GHz Wireless Camera Kit

  • Wireless pin hole camera
  • 2.4GHz wireless receiver
  • 2.4Ghz wireless antenna
  • AV cables
  • 9V battery adapter
  • AC Adapter both 8V and 12V for camera and receiver
  • Mounting brackets


  • Receiver Video Output Phono
  • Receiver Power 12v (mains adaptor supplied)
  • Receiver Frequency 2.4GHz
  • Receiver Audio Output Phono
  • Camera Weight 20g (approx)
  • Camera Transmission Power 10mW
  • Camera Resolution 380 TV Lines
  • Camera Power Socket 1.3mm
  • Camera Power 8v-9v
  • Camera Minimum Illumination 2 lux
  • Camera Lens Pinhole
  • Camera Image Sensor CMOS (colour)
  • Camera Frequency 2.4GHz

The receiver feels very solid and well made. There are 4 channels available too for multiple camera selection if you have more than one. The antenna is attached via an RP-SMA connection. There are also 4 LEDs for each of the channels, indicating which channel is currently active by pressing the “SET” button on the device.


The great thing with this kit is the fact that it uses standard AV cables allowing you to connect the device to your VHS recorder or any other recording device.


The actual pin hole camera is tiny, measuring just 23 x 23 x 23mm. You can also use the supplied 9V battery adapter to make it truly wireless as you walk about within range.

img_3639We tested the camera to find we were able to get ranges of up to 80 meters, however, this was done with minimal interference away from building structures and dense walls. The box states it is a high resolution camera although anyone with a little know how will no doubt raise an eye brow to that statement. Being such a small camera the video resolution is not high at all. It’s 380 lines, less than standard TV definition however, still very good for surveillance purposes. (There is also a higher resolution (CCD with 420 TV Lines) 2.4GHz pinhole camera available at Pakatak). You wouldn’t shoot anything else with it to be honest.

The audio quality is fair to say the least. Conversations almost sound muffled and the built-in microphone seems to have a low gain.

Overall this is a decent package for those who wish to use it for monitoring purposes only. It really is designed to be a discreet device so it’s perfect for covert uses. How you apply it is down to you.

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