GMC K1 Muse Case


The Muse K1 from GMC is a very feature packed case. Before getting to play around with the case, we weren’t so sure about it. But since we’ve used it and played around with customisation, it has definitely grown on us. We weren’t really expecting so many features to come with this case, but it does make sense once you see how bust the front panel is.

The design of the case should fit right in with most people’s home theatre equipment, although the design is surely not to every HTPC enthusiasts’ taste. The range of buttons on the front of the case allow the media centre features to be controlled by the case, so if the remote isn’t near you, basic operation can still take place.

The case itself is built solidly and does not feel cheap. It’s not light either, weighing in at around 10kg largely due to the front case features. The large 140mm front fan and rear 120mm fan should provide adequate cooling, however, we were slightly disappointed that they did not cool the case as well as hoped. But nonetheless, it was good enough. Plus, the built-in fan controller allows you to find the perfect balance between noise and cooling.

If you’re looking for a case, whether normal or HTPC, that is customisable and fits in well with existing equipment then the K1 Muse is definitely worth looking at.


  • Built in fan controller, memory card reader, temperature sensor, remote etc
  • Multi-functional VFD
  • Customisable iMedian software
  • Solid build


  • Could do with better airflow
  • Cleaning front filter requires case front to be taken off

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