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Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, 6th January 2008 – Edimax Technology (TSEC: 3047), announced today a new look of its product packaging.

“With a commitment to innovation, quality management and enhancing customer satisfaction, we have implemented a new packaging initiative on our product boxes,” said Marketing Director Thomas Chu.

The new packaging features an artistic and a new corporate creative design on all products. In addition, there is increased product-box quality and better internal packaging with recyclable carton. Other features include the consolidation of the company’s eight current boxes down to three standard sizes. Edimax begin implementing the new packaging for all orders on 1st April.

“It is all about our customers and ensuring their confidence in our products,” said Chu. “Our new packaging shift has been an exciting transition for us. The designs capitalize on our quality, inside and out, and the new box sizes will allow simplicity and efficiency in our customer’s inventory.”

Edimax New Packaging

About Edimax:
Edimax Technology is a global manufacturer of a broad range of networking and connectivity solutions. Since its incorporation in 1986, the company has grown to be among Asia�s leading manufacturers of networking products and solutions. Edimax is headquartered in Taipei County, Taiwan, and is listed at the Taiwanese Stock Exchange since 2001. In 2006, the company�s revenue reached US $78 million and its current workforce counts over 750 employees worldwide. Edimax�s complete product portfolio fulfils all connectivity needs, whatever the network architecture or application requirements are, and consist of the following categories: Wireless, Connectivity, Routers, Switches, Print Servers, IP Cameras, Business Solutions and VoIP.

For more information about Edimax, please visit www.edimax.co.uk.

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