XtracPads Fat Mat Mouse Pad

XtracPads Fat Mat PackageTo play your favourite sport at the peak of your performance conditions must be right and suited to your liking. Of course, it varies with personal preference and the sport itself. Similarly, if you’re a hardcore gamer, peak performance can only be reached when you have the right conditions and gear to go with it. Today, we will be looking at XtracPads’ Fat Mat mouse pad to see if it does help us reach our peak.

About Xtrac:

“Started in March of 2002 by a group of hard-core PC gamers, our mousing surfaces and accessories have won countless awards.
We offer an expanding variety of surfaces and optical mouse pad sizes. Not only are our products used in computer gaming, they are equally efficient for many other applications such as digital animation, desktop publishing and more.
The medical, military, gaming, art, scientific and aerospace industries all benefit from the high quality, speed and accuracy found in all XTracPads optical mouse pads. XTracPads is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.”


  • 12″ X 16″ x 1/4″ (305mm x 406mm x 6.35mm)
  • Sure Grip rubber backing
  • Nanofiber™ textile surface
XtracPads Fat Mat

The Fat Mat comes in a cylindrical tube, and the packaging is pretty minimal which is expected for a mouse pad. There are no instructions provided, which again, is good because one is not needed. We’ll let the mouse pad do all the talking.

On the side, there is a ‘warning’ label and below that you have the specifications listed, surface details and backing details. Inside the packaging you will find the pad itself and an XtracPads sticker. You only realise the sheer size of the Fat Mat once you unroll it out.

The Fat Mat also features ‘Whisper quiet NanoFiber™ textile’ which does seem to keep it all quiet around the mouse area – not that is was loud in the first place.

The underneath of the mat is very grippy. There’s almost no chance of it slipping unless you really use some force.

XtracPads Fat Mat Texture

The extra room that the Fat Mat gives you is definitely helpful and more comfortable. Our mice moved very well over the surface of the pad and it was very precise. We played many FPS games and to be honest it seemed to help accuracy and to keep fluid mouse movement. It was also comfortable and did not irritate our wrists; you wouldn’t have a problem playing for hours with this pad.

Overall, this is something you should consider if you are a gamer. Its large size is a plus and coupled with its performance, there’s not much else you’re looking for. Perhaps it is a little expensive (~$25USD), however if you are a gamer you will know that quality comes at a price. Definitely recommended.


  • Great performance
  • Comfortable
  • Nice large size


  • Attracts dust easily

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