GizGeek Universal AC Adapter

It is a real pain in the neck when you can’t get your electronics working in other countries when you go on your holidays. Today we will be taking a look at handy gadget from GizGeek, a universal AC adapter. This adapter has the following connections: UK, Euro, US, and AUS.

The adapter is a cylindrical shape and is made of black plastic. It stands at 2.625 inches tall and is 2.375 inches in diameter.

On one end of the adapter you have the female connections and a Red LED status indicator which lights up once it receives power from an outlet. The other end is, of course, male.

Around the adapter is a ridged ring which allows you to line up with the labels for UK, EURO, and US/AUS (these settings cover outlet configurations for more than 150 different countries). As you turn the ring, the desired plug will extend from the male side of the adapter and snap in place. Once you see how it works, you will be amazed at the excellent idea. The Australian plug configuration is the same as the US plug, which is why the label for US and AUS is “US/AUS”.

The product as a whole is very solid and is not likely to take any damage wherever you take it with you. For obvious reasons we couldn’t test the adapter in other countries, but we would have loved to do it if it was possible. We did, however, try plugging in any plugs that would fit in. We found that they fitted very securely and were not loose at all.

This product goes for only $17.00! It’s perfect for taking with you on holidays as it has all plug types. It is currently the cheapest adapter in its category and works just as advertised.

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