Samsung rolls out coolest 1TB drive

Samsung has begun shipping its F1 series 1TB hard drive promising the world’s highest recording density using only three disks. The Serial ATA 3.5in F1 Series run at 7,200rpm and provide a higher data storage density per platter by using three disks, resulting in faster data processing. Samsung also claims that optimised electronics and power saving modes reduce power consumption and resulting heat dissipation to make the F1 the coolest operating 1TB drive on the market.

“Based on published specs for Samsung’s F1 Series and similar products from other suppliers, Samsung’s has the best performance and lowest power consumption of any product in its category,” said Mark Geenen, president at analyst firm TrendFocus. Perpendicular magnetic recording with Samsung’s flying-on-demand head technology improves recording stability over changing temperature ranges, according to the company.

Source: Vnunet


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