Dragon Lasers Viper 95mW

Today I will be reviewing the Viper 95mW laser pointer sent to us by the company www.dragonlasers.com this is the first time we are reviewing a laser pointer or any product for that matter from them. I am very excited to see what this laser pointer can do and you will find out what it can do further on in this review. Anyway that’s enough of my talk and now moving on to the review as I’m sure you are all eager to read it.

Right, so the first thing in this review of the 95mW Viper I will talk about is none other then the presentation box which holds this beautiful laser pointer. As I opened the main packaging I saw this rectangular black box thinking how do I open it? As there were no hinges or buttons etc. The box is completely black and you cannot tell where the joints or the opening is. It’s made from wood with a simple pure black design, it looks nice and clean. As I opened it I saw the laser inside and two other spaces cut out in the firm foam for the batteries which I thought was rather cool because you can then carry an extra pair if you already have some in the laser itself! The laser looked quite well fitted in it’s cut space as it should considering its price tag. Underneath the lid of the presentation box you can see very soft foam which protects the laser and batteries as the lid is closed and also protects them if the box was to be carried etc. As I mentioned before the presentation box is black, the colour inside of the presentation box is grey, which makes out for it to be a nice blend. I am however a little concerned about the joint of the lid to the main body of the presentation box as it seems to be held by the black coating which surrounds the entire presentation box and this makes it flimsy. Other then that one thing, the presentation box is a nice neat little thing; it would be nice if Dragon Lasers could perhaps put their logo on it somewhere so whoever looked at it got an idea of where the product was purchased and in return this would be good for the company. It would be a good idea to also have a way of locking the lid to the main body of the presentation box incase for example if it were in a bag and the box went upside down, then the lid wouldn’t open and jeopardize your laser from being damaged. My conclusion on the presentation box is that it’s good for its purpose but needs a little button for safety and a better joint.

Inside the presentation box you also get a small piece of paper which has some helpful information for the owner to read. For example 1.Loading two AAA 1.5V batteries, 2.Activating the laser pointer, 3.The storage and using condition, 4.Caring for your laser pointer and finally 5.Warning. This information can help the person keep his/her laser in a good working safe order at all times. It also has a diagram of the laser which points out where everything is in case you didn’t know already.


  • Name: Viper
  • Size: 13mm x 150mm
  • Net Weight: 55 Gram
  • Wavelength: 532nm
  • Power Supply: 2 X AAA 1.5V
  • Transverse Mode: TEM00
  • Output Power: 95mW
  • Beam Divergence: <1.2mRad
  • Beam Diameter: 1.2 mm @ aperture
  • Power Consumption: 170mA-240mA
  • Power Supply: 2 X AAA 1.5V
  • Operating Mode: CW
  • Working Current: DC 3V
  • Working Temperature: 15C to 35C
  • Expected Lifetime: >5,000 hours
  • Warranty: 3 Months

Now I will move on to the design of the laser pen itself. As I opened the presentation box my first thought was damn, that thing is one black shiny piece of beautiful laser pen. Looking at the shiny black exterior, it reminded me of the PS3 as much as I hate it. However I love the look of this laser pointer. I’ve never seen one so shiny. Not only that but it also has some of its parts in gold, and then I immediately thought gold and black is a match made in heaven! I was very happy to see that this laser had a clip as some of the lasers I’ve had in my possession lately were without clips and I thought that sort of let them down. Where as this black shining beauty is fully equipped with a clip, so now I can put it on my shirt pocket. The clip is coated in a gold colour and not the cheap kind of colour that easily comes off, but this colour not only looks decent but I also put it to the test and tried scratching it off with the sharp end of a paper clip and guess what it didn’t come off. I couldn’t be more happier with this laser just by the looks and quality of it.

The battery cap is nice and thin which I don’t think I’ve see in other lasers as of yet and guess what its gold too which makes it that much better. The cap itself connects with the batteries nice and tight making sure that there are no connection problems between the batteries and the cap, it also screws on nice and tightly, keeping the connection between the cap and the battery safe and secure.

About 1/5th down the opposite end of the laser pointer there is a thin gold ring which goes right the way around the laser and this makes it looks very nice. Then looking at the aperture, it’s also gold and very thin and completes the look of the laser pointer. Also one thing I noticed when looking at the aperture is that it has a green little sticker on the end which is protecting the delicate lens against any dust or particles from going in and damaging it, something to note is that there isn’t any sticky part in the middle of the sticker as they don’t want the adhesive to go on the lens. I’m not sure if people actually throw this green sticker away but I have kept mine so far for protection of the lens as it does a good job of that. I’ve seen similar designs to this and none quite have pulled it off as well as this one has. Now moving on to the button which you press to activate your laser, the first thing you notice is that the colour is grey which I rather like. The button is placed about 2/5th down the laser, away from the battery cap, this placement of the button is perfect as that’s exactly where most peoples’ thumb would end up whilst holding the laser, so you can press the button comfortably and not be in an uncomfortable position whilst holding the laser pointer. The button feels I’d say about 50% like rubber which is good and adds to gripping it better when being pressed. It is firm and of good build quality, it sticks out well enough so your finger or thumb doesn’t slip off. However because of it sticking out more then your average laser pointer means there’s more chance of it switching on in your pocket. Not to worry though as for this to happen it would need some real force to be pressed in your pocket. One thing that was so simple and yet had a large affect in a positive way was that the clip on the laser pointer is almost 90degrees around from the button which means when you hold the laser and press the button you’re not pressing down on the clip at the same time but rather just gently resting your fingers on it on the side which I thought was cool. Overall I would like to say that the build quality of this laser pointer is excellent and it’s very tough with good features.

Testing & Performance

Now on to the testing of this black shining beauty, I’ve heard a lot of news about Dragon Lasers laser pointers being able burn/smoke/light things better then any other laser of the same amount of power. This would make them better mW for mW over any other laser, so I was definitely going to put this to the test. So to start the testing off I will tell you the output readings I got from the 95mW.

Minimum output power: 91mW
Maximum output power: 116mW
Average output power: 98mW

As you can see from the results above, it clearly shows that the steady output power of this shining black beauty is more then it’s labeled which is great for anyone, especially those of you who have a never ending hunger for more power!

The first test I decided to do with the 95Mw Viper was to see what the beam looks like in the dark as that’s what you do when you shine it into the dark sky at night. After doing this all I have to say is that it’s bloody fantastic, the beams is amazingly visible and has an amazing beam divergence. The thing I can think of to describe it to you is that it looks like a light saber but thinner. It is one of the best beams I’ve seen so far. As I projected the beam into the night sky I couldn’t see the beam ending, it was never ending, at some points I was able to see the dot of the laser on some clouds, it was that damn powerful! I then projected the beam along over a fence at the entrance of a park, I pointed it at a beautiful bridge which was roughly around 4 to 5 miles away, maybe more and using binocular I was able to see the beam hitting the bridge. This test was to see how far the beam can go, note that I was being careful and didn’t shine it at any cars and so forth. The next thing to do to test this laser was to see the balloon popping capabilities of it as I do with every other laser I have reviewed. I started off at close distance balloon popping and the Viper 95mW seemed to pop it with no trouble at all. The furthest I was able to pop a balloon was at around 6ft. I couldn’t get any further as I only had 6 balloons, as you’ve probably gathered each balloon was moved back by a foot each time. I was very impressed at the Viper 95mW and how it so easily popped the balloons in its path. My next test for this laser is to see how well it burned black tape, so I set everything up and let the burning begin. The beam instantly started its magic and started to burn the tape, making it smoke almost instantly, there’s nothing more satisfying then seeing so much smoke come from your laser pointer burning something. It’s definitely a great smoker as that’s what I look to call a laser pointer that is great at making things smoke.

Moving on to the test that I’m sure is the first thing everyone does when receiving a laser as powerful as this one. Yeah that’s right you guessed it, lighting a match. So I set everything up and turned this shining black beauty on and voila it lit the match within moments of turning the laser on. I’ve never lit a match before with a laser which has a power output of 95mW. Lighting a match for me is by far the most exciting test of all for a laser, I’m not sure what it is about it but I just love it. And it makes it that much better when using the Viper 95mW.


As you can see from above there is nothing of the actual laser pointer that I can point out as a disadvantage as the laser is excellent in all ways. I really love this laser and Dragon Lasers for selling it to the public for such a reasonable price, with no complaints! This is definitely a laser which should be added to anyone’s laser collection.


  • Only $259.99
  • Good build quality
  • Beam divergence is excellent
  • Design is awesome
  • Burning capabilities are great


  • The presentation box
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